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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How About Them Colts?

I told myself I wasn’t going to listen to the local post games sports-talks shows after Colts games this season for two reasons:

  1. Besides the typical hyperbole there is always a doomsday sentiment running amongst professional sports fans in iNDY.
  2. Even the sports talk shows in iNDY can find away to make a ‘liberal’ feel unwelcome without even trying.

In regards to point one, the doomsday sentiment, I’m sure that the defense is being raked over the coals, maybe with love, but certainly with fear of the impending failure to deliver when it counts.  What continually gets overlooked is that in spite of its statistical failures and its supposed let downs when Bob Sanders is out the Colts defense usually, at some point in a a game comes up big. In addition it performs the same feat at some point in the season, coming up with a surprise performance. Yes, its nerve racking but just buckle up.  The reason is because on a given day no matter how bad they may be tackling, how sloppy they may be, how long they may be on the field, how small they are, how young they are, how injured they are… they never stop playing, they never give up, and they are always there in the fourth quarter!

The team in general has proven over the years that it can win big, it can win close games, it can win ugly games, it can hold’em, it can come back, it can produce a running game when the passing game slips, and last but not least it can produce the miracle finish, because they never give up. That's why they have been one of the best teams this decade. So buckle up for the ride.

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