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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Open House giveaway:

This weekend I should have everything moved out of my apartment and into storage in preparation for my “49 States in 49 Days” road trip. Anything that I can’t get moved by then, along with some things I’ve outgrown or no longer use anymore will be shipped to Goodwill (non clothing items) or to a center for Foster Care (clothing).

This Monday (May 29) I’m having a ‘give-away’ of these items for anyone who wants any of it. From 2pm to 3pm for family, and then from 3-4pm for family and my neighbors. Below is a list of items and pictures. Everything is in moderate to good condition and was working the last time I used it.  (More information at bottom of page.)

1 non-stick large skillet with utensils.
1 electric tabletop grill.
1 strainer for the kitchen sink, adjustable, goes from side to side.
2 personal planners.
1 laptop cooling pad, USB.
1 set of dishes includes four cups, four bowls and four large plate, all black ceramic.
5 piece butcher knife set and stand.
1 glass cutting board.
Several glass pot cover lids.
1 Windows 7 laptop, needs new hard drive.


1 battery charger and various rechargeable barrier batteries.
1 Iron and ironing board.
A bunch of baseball caps and running caps good condition some with mini marathon logos and logos for other events.
Various gym bags, tote bags, fanny packs with water  bottle holders.
Various electrical tools, wires and cables.
Clothes and items (men’s large to 2XL): t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, sweater vest, fall jackets and coveralls 44 long sleeve (blue jump-suit style).
Various backpacks and camera bags.
Set of 4 placemats.
4 pads for dining room chairs.




XP Notebook

Shoe station

Livescribe SmartPen: with several pads and notebooks of compatible paper.


This is 1st come 1st serve, I will not hold anything for anyone, you have to pick-it up and take it, as I want to be through with all of this Monday.

2pm for family and 3pm for everyone. All done at 4pm, I start loading everything up for goodwill/Foster Center.

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