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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


by Glenn Littrell

Recently articles have appeared showing American protesters concerned that the Chinese Government should do something to positively influence the conditions in Darfur and Burma through their connections with those governments. When are Americans going to realize that this is a communist regime that does not care about civil and human rights. Remember Tienanmen Square!

China is a major arms dealer for Darfur and Burma as well as North Korea! Because China has embraced capitalism for the benefit off its elite upper class does not mean it has changed its communist beliefs, it just reserves them for oppressing its people. While 300 million of its population enjoy the benefits of capitalism that is only 30% of its population. ....... The remaining 70%, rural peasants and workers, live in poverty surrounded by environmental disasters, malnutrition, forced birth control, poor education and oppressive rule.

China is just another repeat of our 100 year policy of confusion over whether to export democracy or capitalism, and because we chose capitalism it is just a matter of time before we experience another case of 'blow-back' from this decision.  Whenever the under class populace of China revolts and overthrows its communist leaders or the party suffers a meltdown like the Soviet Union whoever or whatever group steps forward to lead is not not going to see America as the great democracy that helped them gain relief from an oppressive government. They are going to see America as the country that introduced capitalism to a corrupt leadership and made that leadership stronger.

As a matter of fact our introduction of capitalism into China may be the thing that saves China from the economic meltdown that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Chinese government don't care about our protest, the Burma protesters, or the poverty and hunger in Darfur anymore than they care about their own population. As long as we continue to buy their exports they have no reason to do more than offer the casual appearance of concern.

Its apparent that they don't even care what governments think of them let alone citizens, just look at their response to the EU's concern about the trade deficit there, or the concern about the strength of the American dollar here. Our obsession with 'super-capitalism' and low prices is mortgaging our economic future to the Chinese, enlarging the gap between rich and poor (in this country and China), weakening our dollar, cheapening our exports, exporting our manufacturing base, and converting us to a weak and low-value service industry job base.

Instead of protesting China's involvement in other countries we should be protesting our involvement in China.

Glenn Littrell

2008 note:  The Burma and Darfur references above could now be updated with references to pre-olympic Tibetan protest...gdl

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