Li: ritual, propriety, etiquette. Hsiao: love within the family (parents for children and children for parents. Yi: righteousness--the noblest way to act in a situation. Xin: honesty and trustworthiness. Jen: benevolence, humaneness towards others. Chung: loyalty to the state and authority. --Confucius (Kong Fuzi)

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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monon Trail Update:

Walked Downtown to Broad Ripple and 96th Street to 126th Street recently and added pictures to Monon Trail slide show and the Monon Murals post. 

Also got these pictures of a Great Blue Heron, Dragonfly and a chipmunk burrow [right on the trail].

mononrevisit (4)b

mononrevisit (26)b

Monon Trail

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