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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Victimization of Christianity in America:

by Glenn Littrell

christainalibertyno76-86% of Americans claim to be religious. Since the overwhelming, largest religious group in this country is Christians who do you think it is that is waging this so-called war? If its anything it isn't a war its a civil war. Christian vs. Christians... and that's the same situation that led our forefathers to leave Europe, not Jews or Muslims oppressing Christians, but Christians oppressing Jews and Muslims and EACH-OTHER!


american rel persecution


Catholics against Protestants, Protestant against Protestant. Rich and powerful Christian against the poor Christians, etc. All because some so-called Christians can't stand to leave other people (other religions, denominations and non-believers) alone to their own beliefs and try to force their beliefs, rules and standards onto them.


  • cemeteries and mosqueKim Davis is not allowed to use her job to impose her beliefs onto other Christians.
  • Planned Parenthood is popularly supported by many OTHER Christians.
  • Christians want to exercise their choice to say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.
  • Prayer IS allowed in school, but school led prayer is not, because many Christians question whose prayer would be allowed.
  • Many Christians belief that the separation of church and state protects the religious freedom of ALL, not just some.


The concept of freedom, particularly from the founding fathers is equality for all, religious freedom of all, and a united country. Either we protect each others rights as well as our own or we are not united. If we establish freedoms only for ourselves we have damaged freedom for everyone... including ourselves. Do you want prayer in school (first of all prayer is allowed in school), but whose prayer? yours, but not mine?

Historically the answer to the question 'whose religion' leads to violence.

I'll join the fight for putting all religions on the same plane, but will not appoint one above another.

The Christian concept of love is that we are to love one another, we are our brothers keeper, do unto others... the second most important commandment. Now look up the word Bigotry:

jstewartchristianpersecution "noun, intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself."

There should be no room in a Christian vocabulary for that word, let alone in our behavior.

Yes there are a lot of bigots out there.

The Christians in the middle east are being persecuted, also in China and parts of Russia, and Africa, not in the United States. What the right-wing likes to paint as Christians in persecution is actually a disagreement among Christians.

Throughout the history of Europe and America the major persecutor of Christians has always, and will always, be other Christians. Read a history book. 7b

The right-wing has found the divisiveness of religious disagreement most useful. Just like they’ve found the division of the working/middle class against itself, most useful. They have succeeded in convincing the country's major religion, race, gender, and economic class that they are victims.


Monday, September 28, 2015

The real problem? …I don’t think so.



Your parents felt the same way about your generation, their parents felt the same way about their generation, its an endless cycle that perpetuates a myth based on faulty memory and nostalgia.



imageTodays generation is into Facebook, Twitter, texting, fashion, and bad music… their parents complain even though they are into the Kardasians, Oprah, the View, bad music, etc.. Their parents were into video games, MTV, and bad music. The previous generation to that was criticized for watching too much TV and bad music, the generation before them was criticized for too much radio, bad music and time on the telephone. The generation before them was too much into movies, celebrities, and bad music, before them it was reading and day dreaming too much.


As a youth, Lincoln’s neighbors and family members thought for a time that he was lazy for all his "reading, scribbling, writing, ciphering, writing Poetry, etc.", and accused him of doing it to avoid manual labor.

Its always been convenient to blame the coming storm on todays youth… but it’s really todays and yesterdays parents/generation who have been and are screwing things up.


p,s, As a youth I got whipped often and with vigor… can’t think of a single thing it accomplished.

by Glenn Littrell

Sunday, September 27, 2015

When Is Nieces' Week!

graphic (2)╔════════════════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ════════════════════════╗
Nieces'!! I have beautiful nieces and grand-nieces that
I love more than I can describe and will hold them in my heart
for a lifetime!
Tracy, Tonya, Dee-Ele, Myanna, Shylin & Sierra.
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I love my nieces to pieces….ugogirl

500 Days of Summer

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re-posted from 6-1-2010

Really luv these two guys.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

False Comparisons: Apples and Oranges, both are fruit, but are not the same thing.

Capture2In regards to #1... The same people are not making both statements.  The first statement is true of Muslims, Gun Owners, and should be true of everyone.
The second statement is wrong, but the people who are making it are very often uninformed or are suggesting that others are saying it.

I would be interested in an example of one prominent person saying that all gun owners should be judged by a few. 

In regards to #2... The people who are sounding the alarm on Social Security are doing so to scare the populace into believing that it needs to be privatized, end it, and link its demise (by calling it an entitlement) to other safety net programs (such as Social Security). Of course they are wrong... but they are making ground because we are always willing to blame the demise of one thing on the existence of another thing, no matter how unrelated. In other words instead of calling out the right-wing for their attacks on Social Security we fail to see them as the culprit because we are too busy wanting to believe them when they attack welfare.

Social Security is not going to run out of money as long as we make reasonable adjustments...just like we have for 75 years. There is always a date down the road where Social Security will run out of money... that has always been a fact, and those adjustments will fine tune it. Let's hope that the fear mongering right-wing is continually blocked from doing negative fine-tuning like they did with the Post Office, in an attempt to run them into the ground to the point that privatization becomes acceptable. Want to see the insolvency date of Social Security be pushed further away on the calendar? Then just watch what happens when 11 million illegal immigrants become legal and can start paying into Social Security. Social Security already got a 5 billion dollar annual boost from immigrants that have used false identities to get jobs (p.s. money they will never get back in benefits)DtP (8)

As far as the second statement in #2 regarding welfare recipients and them not working: 29 per cent of them are working, many have worked in the past but low-wages and lack of public assistance for working mothers has made employment an impossible option... they know they cant be a stay at home mom because of their economic situation... but $40 hours at minimum wage does not put food on the table and rent, and child care. Not all poor people, people on welfare, are lazy drug addicts. Several states have tried drug testing welfare recipients and discovered that less than 3% were on drugs. That's below the national average including working people. Yes, there are cheaters and abusers on welfare...there are some on Social Security too... but instead of judging everyone on welfare, and making attacks on the poor, how about improved enforcement against the cheaters... sort of like the gun lobby advocates better enforcement whenever anyone suggest the most benign and reasonable suggestion on new gun laws following a mass shooting.
So lets follow the advise given in the first statement in item #1 above: Lets not judge everyone in any group by the behavior of a few.

DtP (3)by GlennDL

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