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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to Hampton Family Pictures:

I will try to post pictures as I get them scanned, and will post pictures and info as I receive them. While on this site if you loose track of this page just click the tab near the top titled ‘Hampton Family Pictures’. As pictures are posted I will place them at the top of the page so that newer entries appear first. Send information, comments or pictures to or FaceBook me at the link below. When referring to pictures or info please refer to the number that appears with them. It will help a lot if you remember I have very little knowledge of my Hampton side, I’ve probably forgotten more than I ever knew so whenever identifying yourself or someone in the pictures tell me how you relate to Maggie Hampton so that I can developed a reference point. 
It would also help if when discussing a person for the first time include genealogical information as I have little [if using FB don’t post info on wall, send it as a message] . By the way I’m Glenn Littrell, grandson of Maggie and son of Opal Imogene ‘Gene’ Hampton who married JD Littrell, brothers Troy and Richard [Rick'].
Slide Show of all pictures on this post:

Please remember that if you disagree with the identification of someone, the place or the time of a picture you probably know more than me so speak-up. I won’t be offended. Troy has helped me with some pictures and some pictures had readable writing on the back but please never assume that I’m sure about any identifications. If you have identical pictures please look on the back of them for information

Want to share your pictures? See HOW2 scan photos and preserve photos and newspaper clippings. click here
Posted 8-17-10

23) Troy Littrell, Curtis Stafford & Glenn Littrell:
Storm King Mountain, New York 1973

24) Troy Littrell, Curtis Stafford & Glenn Littrell:
Storm King Mountain,
New York 1973

25) Wayne Horn
Posted 8-6-10

21) Bad Nuahiem, Germany   c.1954

22) Judy Horn
7-29-10 pictures updated [see below]

19)  Arlis Sidney Horn [Uncle Slim]
Posted 8-5-10

Posted 8-5-10
17) Received this picture [from Nell’s daughter Theresa Virgin] of Dad along the French/German border before Mom, Troy and I [Glenn] joined him in France. Don’t know who the guy in front of Dad is, the note on the back just said: "on the France and Germany border lots of love to you and the boys your daddy". The boys being Troy and I, Rick would be born in France. click here for more

4l)                                    4m)                                      4r)
Georgia Hampton-Stafford???
Posted 8-1-10
13)  Troy, Glenn, Jean and Rick. Obviously Rick’s birthday so 1956, probably Germany or France???

15) Troy Littrell

14) Jean Hampton Littrell & Troy
10)  Maggie McDowell Hampton
When and Where? 
11)  Evelyn Hampton Horn

12)  Troy, Rick and Glenn, about 1955


9b)  Monroe Hampton, Hershel Hampton and Maggie McDowell Hampton
9c)  Hershel Hampton
9a)  Hershel Hampton
9a)  where and when
9b)  where and when
9c)  where and when


L2R] ????, Troy Littrell, Jean Hampton Littrell, Martha Hampton [Hershel Hamptons wife]

8) My Guess Is Evelyn…gdl
7) Marcel Hampton

6)  Don’t know who the girl is ???  when & where???
7)  when & where???
8)  I could guess but I could get in trouble ???
5a)  Glen Dale Hampton
5b)  Glen Dale Hampton
5c)  Glen Dale Hampton
5d)  Glen Dale Hampton
7)  on the back of the picture it says “to Jean from Audrey”  Audrey Nell Horn
6) Judy Horn
5)  Gene Hampton-Littrell and ??
Audrey’s daughter posted a video on FaceBook celebrating Nell’s 50th wedding Anniversary at  if this link doesn’t work you may have to sign-up for FaceBook. Hopefully there is a version on YouTube for non-FaceBook family. If I find it I will post the video on this page


3a)  Maggie & Monroe Hampton
When and Where
3b)  Maggie & Monroe Hampton
When and Where
1c)  Troy & Glenn Littrell
probably France about 1953/54???
Glenn Littrell

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I apologies for the location of this page, the reason being that I don’t want to appear to be favoring one side of my family over the other, i.e. my Littrell heritage and my Hampton heritage. You see I have a genealogical page devoted to my Littrell family ancestry that is very extensive. I began doing family research in 1992 ago and, as is to a certain extent natural, I tended to go to where information was most easily obtainable. I had no intention of just researching one family line but as information flowed in I was overwhelmed with information, and request, and subsequently projects that just took over my life. Anyone who has done serious family research will know what I’m talking about.

As it was about years ago I came to the point that I just had to stop and walk away from the research leaving me with thousands of records, pages, charts, and notes that unfortunately where about 95% related to one line. My line through my grandfather John Littrell. I had acquired some research on John’s wife but little on my mother’s Hampton or McDowell line outside of pictures. I’m not returning to the research until I retire in a few years, but I am maintaining and accepting information on and for the Littrell Family website located at . When I return to doing research I hope to concentrate more on my Hampton line and eventually developed a similar website for the family, but right now I can only devote this page on my Glenn’s World website to identifying pictures and collecting information that can be shared by visitors to this page. Please don’t feel shortchanged, the irony is that when I first started in 1992 Glenn’s World was the only site I had and it was the original site for my family research [see the ‘About The Glenn’s World Network’ tab above].   Glenn D. Littrell

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by Glenn Littrell

Recently articles have appeared showing American protesters concerned that the Chinese Government should do something to positively influence the conditions in Darfur and Burma through their connections with those governments. When are Americans going to realize that this is a communist regime that does not care about civil and human rights. Remember Tienanmen Square!

China is a major arms dealer for Darfur and Burma as well as North Korea! Because China has embraced capitalism for the benefit off its elite upper class does not mean it has changed its communist beliefs, it just reserves them for oppressing its people. While 300 million of its population enjoy the benefits of capitalism that is only 30% of its population. ....... The remaining 70%, rural peasants and workers, live in poverty surrounded by environmental disasters, malnutrition, forced birth control, poor education and oppressive rule.

China is just another repeat of our 100 year policy of confusion over whether to export democracy or capitalism, and because we chose capitalism it is just a matter of time before we experience another case of 'blow-back' from this decision.  Whenever the under class populace of China revolts and overthrows its communist leaders or the party suffers a meltdown like the Soviet Union whoever or whatever group steps forward to lead is not not going to see America as the great democracy that helped them gain relief from an oppressive government. They are going to see America as the country that introduced capitalism to a corrupt leadership and made that leadership stronger.

As a matter of fact our introduction of capitalism into China may be the thing that saves China from the economic meltdown that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Chinese government don't care about our protest, the Burma protesters, or the poverty and hunger in Darfur anymore than they care about their own population. As long as we continue to buy their exports they have no reason to do more than offer the casual appearance of concern.

Its apparent that they don't even care what governments think of them let alone citizens, just look at their response to the EU's concern about the trade deficit there, or the concern about the strength of the American dollar here. Our obsession with 'super-capitalism' and low prices is mortgaging our economic future to the Chinese, enlarging the gap between rich and poor (in this country and China), weakening our dollar, cheapening our exports, exporting our manufacturing base, and converting us to a weak and low-value service industry job base.

Instead of protesting China's involvement in other countries we should be protesting our involvement in China.

Glenn Littrell

2008 note:  The Burma and Darfur references above could now be updated with references to pre-olympic Tibetan protest...gdl

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