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Friday, December 2, 2011

Other Examples of Fearful Rhetoric: Updated

by Glenn Littrell
continued from
TOTW: The Role Of Fearful Rhetoric

If I could stand this person enough to follow her I know I could find even more examples…

…but like Beck and Limbaugh; the hypocrisy, revisionist history, low-level animosity for all things and people unlike or ‘lesser than them’ and their un-American version of patriotism I can not stomach or justify more than an occasional gasp at what comes out of their mouths. GlennDL

“In case you don't want to listen to the whole spiel, here's the relevant quote from Coulter: "So at the moment anyway, I mean I don't know what's going to happen in New York today, but at the moment I'm not really worried of a movement like SDS which really swept a lot of the college campuses... taking over. Of course if it does, just remember the lesson from my book: it just took a few shootings at Kent State to shut that down for good." And here's another, just in case you weren't convinced: "This is the first time they got bullets back... and that put an end to the protests pretty quickly." If you'd like to read the full transcript, MediaMatters has it here.”  12-2-11


“Conservative commentator tweets a threat to kill recall volunteers”

“Invoking the newly-adopted “castle doctrine,” which allows homeowners to kill intruders in their home without fear of legal liability, Wisconsin blogger and conservative pundit Kevin Binversie posted this not-so-veiled threat to his Twitter account:

Or better yet Senate Miller, how about I “Castle Doctrine” a few guys coming to my house w/ recall petitions?

Mr. Binversie blogs at Lakeshore Laments, and has worked for the Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.”


"I love the Republican Party but I don't want to take a bullet for anyone."

A nasty battle between factions of Legislative District 20 Republicans and fears that it could turn violent in the wake of what happened in Tucson on Saturday prompted District Chairman Anthony Miller and several others to resign.

Miller, a 43-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills resident and former campaign worker for U.S. Sen. John McCain, was re-elected to a second one-year term last month. He said constant verbal attacks after that election and Internet blog posts by some local members with Tea Party ties made him worry about his family's safety.

Bill O'Reilly wants my head – literally:

“On Thursday night, the Fox News host asked, as part of a show that would be seen by 5.5 million people: "Does sharia law say we can behead Dana Milbank?" He then added, "That was a joke." Hilarious! Decapitation jokes just slay me, and this one had all the more hilarity because the topic of journalist beheadings brings to mind my late friend and colleague Danny Pearl, who replaced me in the Wall Street Journal's London bureau and later was murdered in Pakistan by people who thought sharia justified it.”  Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conspiracy theorists find validation from Glenn Beck:

"I would've never started watching Fox News if it wasn't for the fact that Beck was on there," says this friend, Byron Williams. "And it was the things he did, it was the things he exposed, that blew my mind."…  according to court documents, he said he had been on a mission to kill people at the liberal Tides Foundation, which happens to be a favorite Beck target.

Marianne Williamson's Plea To Sarah Palin: Words Have Power:

“…But no one needs to be "re-loading" now, and our political opponents are not "enemy territory." In a free society, we do not have to agree; in fact, that's the point of freedom. "Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win" is a frightening statement, Sarah. It is not funny; it is threatening….”   April 1, 2010

Mike Huckabee jokes about Barack Obama getting shot:

Alabama Tea Partier 'Gather Your Armies' TV Ad

"If ballots don't work, bullets will." Joyce Kaufman, Tea Party gathering, July 2010.

“She said she didn't care if this made it to YouTube or not. Cue to the 6 minute mark and listen to Joyce Kaufman's July speech in which she encouraged gun violence.”  C.Russleburg

Democrat Manchin ‘Dead Aim’ Ad:

“After finding himself unexpectedly trailing his Republican opponent John Raese as the campaign entered its final month, Manchin released a 30-second TV spot, which featured him literally shooting the federal cap-and-trade bill - an unpopular piece of legislation to which Raese had sought to link his Democratic opponent.”

Republican House Candidate: Violent Uprising Is 'On The Table':

Stephen Broden, a Republican running for Congress in Texas' 30th District, said he would not rule out a violent overthrow of the government if the midterm elections don't cause a change in government, saying that "our nation was founded on violence" so "the option is on the table."

Gregg Harper: I Hunt Democrats

“Gregg Harper says at the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, 'we hunt liberal, tree-hugging Democrats, although it does seem like a waste of good ammunition.”

Tea Party Activist And Senate Candidate: 'If We Don't See New Faces, I'm Cleaning My Guns And Getting Ready For The Big Show'

SC Candidate Holds 'Machine Gun Social' Fundraiser:

“A candidate for state office in South Carolina drew 500 people to a fundraiser Saturday that included the giveaway of a $700 AK-47 semiautomatic rifle.”

Tucson: Time for Another Examination of Conscience, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“…Neither Beck, Hannity nor Savage nor the hate merchants at Fox News and talk radio can claim to have invented their genre. Toxic right-wing vitriol so dominated the public airwaves from the McCarthy era until 1963 that President Kennedy, that year, launched a citizen's campaign to enforce the Fairness Doctrine, which required accuracy and balance in the broadcast media. Students, civic and religious groups filed more than 500 complaints against right-wing extremists and hate-mongering commentators before the FCC…”.

Mark DeMoss[Rep] Disbands 'Civility Project,' Citing Conservative Attacks, Grim View On Discourse:

"The worst e-mails I received about the civility project were from conservatives with just unbelievable language about communists, and some words I wouldn't use in this phone call," DeMoss told The Times. "This political divide has become so sharp that everything is black and white, and too many conservatives can see no redeeming value in any liberal or Democrat. That would probably be true about some liberals going the other direction, but I didn't hear from them."

Glenn Beck’s Ten Worst Quotes of 2010:

* “God will wash this nation with blood if he has to.” (August 25, 2010)
* Putting “the common good” first “leads to death camps.” (May 28, 2010)
* “Women are psychos” (January 20, 2010)
* Beck’s election-coverage goal was to “make George Soros cry,” which is “hard to do,” as Soros “saw people into gas chambers.” (November 2, 2010)
* Uncle Sam is a “child molester” who is “raping our wallets” and “destroying our families.” (April 16, 2010)
* Beck mocks President Obama’s daughters’ “level of education.” (May 28, 2010)
* “We have been sold a lie” that “the poor in America” are suffering. (November 30, 2010)
* “Charles Darwin is the father of the Holocaust.” (August 20, 2010)
* Social Justice is a “perversion of the Gospel, “not what Jesus was saying.” (March 11, 2010)
* Beck likens himself to “Israeli Nazi hunters”: “To the day I die, I am going to be a progressive hunter.” (January 20, 2010)


NOTE 1: I have not included every mention/video of guns or second amendment rights. The context, probability of the statements or actions being taken out of context and the emotion of, repetitive nature of and delivery of the message we’re used in picking which items to post. For example I excluded an ad for Agriculture Commissioner because it was just silly. I also excluded an ad of Arizona candidate Pamela Gorman firing several weapons and touted as “…a conservative Christian and a pretty fair shot.” because her NRA endorsement and the remainder of the video did not associate her message with any rhetoric or suggestion of human targets, violence or action. I can’t ever figure out the suggestion of a link between Christianity and guns though? Nor was her opponents '”…knock the hell out of the place” remark worthy of posting.

NOTE 2: If you have links to similar statements by the left I will post them here.

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For full text of Robert Kennedy’s speech “Mindless Menace Of Violence” click here.

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