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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get Your Free Checks Here!

by Glenn Littrell

Let’s see:

  • a paycheck or an Unemployment benefits check?
  • security or an Unemployment benefits check?
  • the ability to pay bills or an Unemployment benefits check?
  • the possibility to sustain or return to their normal standard of living or an Unemployment benefits check?
  • living above the poverty level or an Unemployment benefits check?
  • All the above or an Unemployment benefits check?

How can it be so easy to characterize people who have been working for a living as so lazy and lacking of a work ethic that they [and family] would be willing to exchange all of the above for a paltry unemployment check which, even with extensions, is still a short term existence.

It just doesn’t make since to so often portray people who need help as lazy slackers. Does the pitiful UI check make poverty attractive?

5 unemployed workers for every job.


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