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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Immigration Problem:

by Glenn Littrell

In response to a comment posted to my facebook wall:

I would disagree with that picture... There are two primary reasons for the presence of illegal aliens coming to America:

One: is that when US Corporations close American factories and ship manufacturing to Mexico they end up paying their employees there about 50 cents an hour. Because those factories don't have to adhere to any safety or pollution standards the workers live in pollution and squalor on a wage that can't even support them in their own country. As a result they come north for the same reasons our ancestors came to America, opportunity, in this case in the form of hard work for low wages. If I'm going to be upset with anyone over that situation it's going to be the corporations that don't pay those workers a fair wage.

Two: is they don't come north to take American jobs, nor do they come north to take jobs that Americans won't do. They come north to get jobs they are given by businesses and corporations that don't want to pay Americans a fair wage. The culprit there is those American businessmen who entice them with wages better than at home but below the minimum here. This cycle victimizes both the American and Mexican workers and benefits American and multi-national businesses and corporations. If they paid decent wages here and there it would stem most of the illegal immigration from the south. Don't think so? So then just look to the north, Canada. You don't see a flood of illegals from there because their industries operate under similar wage, safety, and environmental standards.

I want our borders to be protected, I want illegal immigration to stop, but I find it hard to villianize people who are only trying to do what's best for their families by engaging in hard work.

As far as the business about them taking money out of the country, not paying taxes etc., that is a misnomer. The facts don't bear it out even though it is constantly repeated. They may not pay income taxes but they pay excise, fuel, and sales taxes. Some pay income taxes but where they don't it is because they are being paid under the table by employers who know their illegal and are trying to evade paying THIER OWN taxes.
For an expose on how immigrants illegal or legal contribute to local economies I would suggest you watch an 8 minute video [ 9500Liberty ]on the fight over immigration in Prince William County,Virginia similar to the current fight starting in Arizona.

We need to stop illegal immigration and fix our immigration problem, but we can do it in a manner that reflects our claim to being a great and charitable nation based on values and compassion.

I'm sorry I tend to go on forever but I'm sure everyone in the family knows by now that I'm a 'bleeding heart moderate'. GlennDL


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