Li: ritual, propriety, etiquette. Hsiao: love within the family (parents for children and children for parents. Yi: righteousness--the noblest way to act in a situation. Xin: honesty and trustworthiness. Jen: benevolence, humaneness towards others. Chung: loyalty to the state and authority. --Confucius (Kong Fuzi)

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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Park and Peace Memorial

Uploaded on Jan 16, 2011

Pictures from the Park and Peace Memorial in Indianapolis. Dedicated to Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy who, on the night of Dr. King's assassination, delivered an impromptu speech that many credit with saving the city of Indianapolis from the violence that visited many cities across the country.                          GlennDL


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