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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Racism and Accusations:


by Glenn Littrell

Being falsely accused of something is without a doubt wrong. The ramifications can be broad ranging and devastating, but does the existence or possibility of false accusation somehow impact the seriousness or existence of the underlying problem? Racism.

If your youngest child ‘tattled’ on an older child after the older child had willfully done something that was very dangerous. What would you conclude was the real problem? What problem would you address first? Who or what created the problem?

The older child's transgression or the younger child's ‘tattle-telling’?

The existence of [A]racism and cancer actually have no connection of value to [B]false accusations or a miss-diagnoses. Both A and B may exist, but they only exist in the absence of the other.

Without racism, there would be no basis for false accusations. The accusation would be without merit and dismissible. False accusations of race, ‘race baiting’, and the use of the ‘race card’ are all byproducts of racism; regardless of who is using them and for what purpose.

The same thing holds true for accusations of ‘reverse discrimination’ and ‘reverse racism’. Even if you hold that such things exist you have to acknowledge they were born out of the existence of racism. By definition they cannot exist without the existence of racism.

But the question has to be asked what is the purpose of such verbal defenses. Is the appropriate response to the existence of racism to expand it application to as many people as possible by widening the net so as to include the oppressed with the oppressor? Is the ‘race baiter’ any worse than the ‘race denier’? Is reverse racism worse than racism?

The use of phrases like ‘race baiter’, ‘race card’, ‘reverse discrimination’, etc., are not meant to advance the discussion so that the issues of racism in this country can be addressed. They are meant to divert the conversation and to diffuse it by those who do not have the courage to resolve the problem.  (click and read post comments for example)

It all starts with racism. Want to get rid of ‘race baiters’, false accusations, over sensitivity to race, racial issues? Then work towards one simple target, one goal. Call out racism whenever it rears its head. Call out  the oppressor before you call out the oppressed who are forced by the oppressor to react, to lash out, to defend. The oppressed, and those in the minority, are in the most vulnerable position and the position that is the least able to suppress the action of those amongst the oppressors or majority.

by Glenn Littrell

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