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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Using Veterans As A Political Diversion:

It is not an either/or choice. We can help our Veterans and still do other things. The proposition that we aren't helping our Veterans because we are spending money somewhere else is meant as a distraction, making a false argument that its neither helping the poor, refugees, immigrants etc., or Veterans, shows a lack of determination to help Veterans, period. All congress has to do to help Veterans is to vote to do so. Bringing up hot button distractions steers the conversation away from Veterans towards those hot button issues, leaving the Veteran issue just setting there. Why would they solve the Veteran or any hot button issue if it serves their re-election interest over and over again.

imageIf you are troubled over the plight of Veterans, let that be the point you make. Argue for Veterans and stay focused on Veteran issues and leave the other complaints and problems to be solved as separate issues.We are capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time as a country and individuals, but when we allow detractors to mingle unrelated issues we loose the ability to solve anything… you think its a coincidence that issues like immigration, abortion, education, and gun control are never solved? No, as long as we are easily distracted the big issues will remain unresolved only to be brought up at the next election and then put back in storage afterwards.

The plight of Veterans has become a political football to be thrown into the air every time someone wants to distract us from addressing a problem... welfare, illegal immigrants, any government expense, but those (Republicants) who are always bringing up Veterans homelessness, etc., fail to do anything about the plight of Veterans!
These Veteran problems, and the VA scandals and problems have existed for decades... stop buying into these diversions and demand results. We can address more than one problem at a time... unless you prefer holding Veteran issues hostage for the sake of ignoring other problems and getting your guy, your party re-elected.


Disabled Veteran DESTROYS Cowards Who Won’t Help Refugees

Tom Cahill | November 19, 2015

“Don’t use me as your fucking excuse when a week ago you were happily voting away my benefits and healthcare.”



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