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Thursday, February 11, 2016

I promise to never buy a Carrier or UTEC product again!

by Glenn Littrell

Obviously "Buy American" is a slogan that sounds good but is seldom carried out. Maybe its too positive and should be more negative. Negative politics seems to draw more notice and inflame more people into response so lets go negative in advocating for saving American Jobs.

Instead of encouraging people to voluntarily buy American Products we should established "Do Not Buy" boycott list for the public like limage13abor unions do for their members.


MORE IMPORTANTLY we need municipalities and state governments to stop kissing the ass of companies when they close shop and run.


Instead of just offering sympathy when this happens, the first words off the lips of community and government leaders should be to encourage citizens to promise to never buy another Carrier product again, and then to provide a list of their so called suppliers for the purpose of a boycott of them too.

Before some internet troll starts whining about overpaid Americans, particularly overpaid Union Workers look at the wages paid in Mexico. No American could survive on those wages. So don’t try and blame overpaid workers or Unionist. Blame Trade Agreements that make it easier, not harder, for foreign countries to undercut American Workers, blame Tax loopholes and shelters that encourages outsourcing. Unionist and some progressive Democrats are the only people in this country fighting outsourcing and unfair trade agreements.

This isn’t the first time this has happened in Indiana, yet those companies that moved their manufacturing out of country still sell products in Indiana. If our governors and mayors can offer tax incentives (our money) to companies that locate here they can at least publicly advocate against companies who leave.

It doesn’t have to be done thru legislation (probably couldn’t anyway), it could be done the same way as ‘no new tax pledges’ are done. Public statements and campaign promises. Wouldn’t be perfect, but going negative might work better than the passive “Buy American” slogan.


Carrier in Indianapolis and UTEC in Huntington, are owned by United Technologies and received incentives from the state of Indiana in the past. Last year the company posted a $7.2 billion profit.

Carrier recieved up to $200,000 in job training grants from the state of Indiana (Indiana Economic Developement Council.

The Department of Energy awarded Carrier $5.1 million in clean energy tax credits in December 2013.

Carrier, received more than $5 million in stimulas money.

The Mayor, the Governor, a U.S. Senator and even presidential candidates are talking about punishing Carrier for putting 2,100 Hoosiers - including 1,400 in Indianapolis - out of work. The phase-out will occur over the course of three years with layoffs beginning in May 2017, according to Carrier.

The plan by Carrier to move to Mexico is drawing outrage well beyond the Indianapolis workers losing their jobs. Companies in Madison County who manufacture heating and air conditioning equipment are now boycotting Carrier.

Do you live in an apartment? Look at your Air Conditioner and Furnace. Can you tell if they are Carrier or UTEC made? If they are go to your apartment manager and see if they are willing to take a stance on the outsourcing of Indiana jobs. If not start a petition in your apartments for them to make a statement (press release, letter to your petition drive or directly to the workers union).

Tuesday, Carrier told the union that the closure is basically a done deal, explaining that the average worker in Indianapolis makes more than $20 an hour, and that Mexican workers can be paid $6 an hour.


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