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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On the Issues: 2016 Candidates

Not surprised Biden fit my answers more often than the others. Had he run he and Sanders/Warren would have been my top choices. I’m a little surprised that Jill Stien and I agree that much… I’ll have to take another look at her, but not for this election.

Many might be surprised that Obama and Hilary don’t rate higher since I seem to spend so much time defending them, but the truth is I’m not defending them as much as I’m defending the truth and decency in politics and opposing fear mongering. Yes Obama got my vote every time and Hilary will get my vote this time, but they were not my first choice in their primaries.*


The highest Republican matching my answers was Chris Christie(33%), that’s a shocker to me and he would never get my vote. I’m a little scared that Peace and Freedom party candidate Roseanne Barr(40%) matched me more often than any Republican… that’s just silly.

Probably the only Republicans that ever had a chance of getting a consideration from me, George Pataki(25%) and John Kasich(20%), trailed Rand Paul(28%), meaning that Democrat James Webb(43%), or Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson(28%), or the aforementioned Jill Stein would have gotten my vote before any Republican candidate this year if Democrats had totally faltered and failed (or Trump was the Democratic nominee).

GlennDL 2016

*Like most people I can find flaws and faults with every candidate, even Obama and Clinton, but in this period of elevated partisanship anything less than an adamant position will get you butchered and drown(out). There are many things that I could criticize about both Obama and Clinton and would love to discuss those things, but both of them are so constantly bombarded with outrageous and dishonest criticism that defy logic and the opportunity for civil discussion that the only place such a discussion can be held is either with those who totally agree with me, or the radical left partisans who are just as unreasonable as the anti-Obama/Clinton right.

Things have gotten so bad that 2012 was the first election I voted a straight party ticket. Even though I still hold fast to not being affiliated with either party.

In every election I have sought out Republican choices early, in anticipation of a poor choice coming from the Democrats, and held out hope for them. Unfortunately, like by first choice on the Democratic side these candidates fail to make the party cut, or when they do they blow it in the post convention shifts.

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