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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Read past the headlines… you are being duped!

While I am naturally suspicious of the validity of such a document, let's assume that it is accurate and authentic, because fact checking an unsourced graphic is difficult and time consuming, and in this case not necessary.refugees2

So, without fact checking, let's just try reading it to see what it shows and what does the author "MikeM-------" say it shows:


Really? Obviously Mike didn't read it or didn't do the math or more likely, he doesn't think you will.
clip_image001There are three types of expenses included in this voucher/document: Start-up assistance, monthly expenses, and a loan.

  • The monthly expenses Mike refers to is $1399 NOT $3874
  • The 1 person Mike refers to is actually a family of 5
  • The illegal refugee Mike refers to is a LEGAL REFUGEE family!

It’s all right there in the document, read it.

The $1399 TEMPORARY aid is not permanent. It is an allowance to help a family arriving in this country to transition from nothing to a self-sustaining status. A family, most likely with nothing after much time in refugee camps, following a vetting process (yes, there is one, always has been) and fleeing violence and/or extreme poverty… is receiving a monthly allowance that in most states is near the poverty level, and in some states falls below the poverty level.
As for the start-up expenses are they really that high? Clothing, furniture, transportation assistance for relocation, and job hunting?

refugeesIf there is an objection to resettling and helping all and any refugees or if someone chooses to believe Mike’s headline and not the actual contents of the voucher, which HE SUBMITS, then go ahead you're free to. I’m sure that in the face of that I can’t change your mind, but if, as a nation, we insist on disregarding our moral obligations of charity, compassion and serving as a beacon of light to the world, then I can only hope and pray we realize we can do better.

by GlennDL

While we’re on the subject:

…unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me…
Hateful Rhetoric For The Enemy, Our Friends, And Our Fallen,


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