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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Acceptable News and Opinion Sources:

If you’re interested in the truth you don’t just seek out facts or opinions that agree with your point of view… you seek out all facts and entertain opinions contrary to yours. You don’t name call or categorize those who disagree with you. You don’t portray those you disagree with as less thoughtful than you and you don’t differ to people you consider infallible.


Know the difference between opinion and news. Determine to what degree you accept opinion when it is offered with facts. Understand that it would be virtually impossible to cover, report, or editorialize the news without the presence of some bias… that’s human nature.

You can accept the above list as gospel or totally disregard it*, you have the right to be as bias as you want, but at least have a semblance of rational and reasonable fairness in what you post. Too often those who complain about the ‘mainstream media’, the ‘liberal’ or ‘right-wing’ press fail to acknowledge that they are not complaining about ‘media bias’, they are really complaining about ‘media not biased enough’ towards their bias.

*For example, I would label CNN as ‘OPINION’. The designation of ‘opinion or news is not to identify the source as either or, but is in reference to what seems to be their dominate presentation. In this regard I see CNN as predominately opinion oriented, liberal. I also would lump MSNBC (which is on this list) with FOXNews (which is not on this list) as being too ‘hyper-bias’, sometimes to the point of being utter nonsense or damaging to public discourse. Now since I have disconnected my cable service for the last year it could be that MSNBC (as well as others) could have changed their act.

Below is the original unedited chart from . I have tried to simplify it and limit my list to mainstream news sources with minimal to some bias that are still considered fair and reputable.


For other fact checking information I have collected click here and scroll down past this article.

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