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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Monday, August 5, 2019

He almost had me ready to give him the benefit of the doubt on something...

Why is it so difficult for this guy to show a minimum of tact? When I first saw the headline I was shocked... he didn't mean to do it? I thought for once he's coming clean on something, he's trying to explain away his perceived intent, hopefully with an explanation that perhaps he could have expressed it in a more appropriate manner, that he wasn't being sarcastic or being a wise guy. In spite of the fact that he never does any more than double down, deny, or deflect I would have given him some credit and tried to understand that it was truly just a misunderstanding.
But no, as it turns out he's simply deflecting. It wasn't his fault. It was the fault of a news article that he supposedly was repeating what he heard on the news report. Deflecting blame on the news report, a news report that he could have vetted, or he seems to be implying those aren't his words.. then why didn't he put it in better words?
But of course, he takes no responsibility for his words or actions,.


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