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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Trumps inability to focus, analyze and delegate has cost us dearly in regards to COVID-19.

FactCheck update/correction in blue/yellow (4-26-2020) GDL
The Trump administration* sent 18 tons of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to China In February 2020.
It is the nature of our national character for our country to reach out and help poorer countries when they are in a crisis and need help. That is why we would send PPE's at the outbreak of that crisis... and no one is actually criticizing the Trump administration for what our nation did in the face of this crisis in China.
The criticism is for what Trump did in the face of a crisis in America. He downplayed the coming crisis for weeks while poo-pooing the coming dangers. As the crisis worsened he deflected blame to everyone else and constantly contradicted, misled, and lied about the situation.

  1. South Korea had its first case of Covid19 on the same day as the United States. 
  2. By February South Korea had more cases than the US. 
  3. But South Korea managed to flatten its curve by March. 
  4. As of March 28th, the number of cases skyrocketed in the US but not South Korea. 

The total number of cases is relative to the size of the population and other factors but the size of a population does not affect the shape of the curve.
The South Koreans moved swiftly with decisive measures but the Trump administration did not.

Today, after all his blustering and self-congratulations, he is now grandstanding with claims that he really knew all along and didn't say the things he did say, and was acting behind the scenes as he tried to give a positive spin for the sake of morale. All evidence to the contrary his grandstanding has become an embarrassment.
The PPE shipment is more evidence that he didn't take the coming crisis seriously... if he or Secretary of State Pompeo were taking the threat seriously back in January, or February 1, why would they ship these PPEs on February 7? This would have been a valid time for "America First". This would have been the time to start getting PPEs to the states, not China, instead of saying the states are on their own, he should have been supplying them.
What he's being criticized for is his early casual attitude, his downplaying the potential crisis, his attacks on other's who saw it as a real crisis saying they made it up, fake news, political hoax, his constant self-congratulation in a crisis, and his flip-flopping from one minute to the next.
The fact is if he had any clue, was reading his daily briefings instead of twittering, or truly realized the coming nightmare he would have been criticizing the impeachment hearings for distracting from the crisis THEN, not now. He would have been criticizing the Dems for still campaigning, NOT still going out on the campaign trail himself. He would have stopped that shipment then, NOT letting it go through.
 It's Nero fiddling while Rome burned all over again'

"Like many other populist leaders around the world—including Donald Trump in
the The United States, Jair Bolsanaro in Brazil, and Imran Khan in Pakistan—Mexican 
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has mostly taken a dangerously
dismissive and outright irresponsible attitude toward the coronavirus…" ***

*by the Trump administration we mean Trump. Correction. While the State Department did facilitate the delivery of the 17 tons it was not 'our' supplies that were being sent. These were donated supplies. This added distinction does not take away or negate the point of this article.

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