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I believe the past is relevant, sometimes more than others of course. In most cases we are seeing history being repeated, so it is most relevant.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Posting on Facebook:

 When you post something on your timeline your privacy and sharing settings control who can see it and depending on your settings your post appears on other people's wall. So remember when people respond and comment it's not 'just a case of them going to your timeline and being nosy... YOU shared it!

But isn't that what we do on Facebook? It's like being in a room of people and you stand up and say something, don't other people in the room have a right to do the same? Even respond?

Facebook is a big room. You can control who comes into your room with privacy controls and by limiting your friends' list, but if you want something to be private... don't say it in a room of people.


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