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Friday, March 11, 2016

2015 Movie List

Oscar nominations for 2015 movies have been announced. As a movie 'hobbyist', I do not claim to be a critic, but as as someone who sees a lot of movies, I do claim to have an opinion. That doesn't qualify me, but it motivates me. So, just like all those opinionated boobs who get paid to pontificate on the nominees, and those other boobs who are content to limit their opinions to 140 character messages on Twitter, I shall express my annual opinion on the movies from 2015 in relationship to the nominations in much more than 140 characters.

Having seen over 60 movies released in 2015 there are still some movies I haven't seen.


1] Spotlight                             Nominated, Winner & My Choice Best Picture
2] Pawn Sacrifice
3] The Revenant                                      Nominated Best Picture
4] Straight Out Of Compton
5] Southpaw
6] Room                                                     Nominated Best Picture
6] Black Mass
7] The Martian                                             Nominated Best Picture
8] Jurassic World
9] Bridge of Spies                                       Nominated Best Picture
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Ricki and The Flash

The 33
In The Heart Of The Sea
Women in Gold
Brooklyn                                                      Nominated Best Picture
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Mockingjay Part 2

Mad Max: Fury Road                                Nominated Best Picture
Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Far From The Maddening Crowd
Mountain Men
American Ultra
The Walk
True Story
Steve Jobs
The Big Short                                            Nominated Best Picture

Terminator: Genesys
Black Sea
Rock The Kasbah
The Gunman
Ant Man
The Wedding Ringer
The Night Before
Mr. Holmes
No Escape
Crisis Is Our Brand
Ex Machina
Walk In The Woods
Unfinished Business
St. Andreas
Mission Impossible: RN
Get Hard
Ted 2
Fantastic Four
Run All Night
Steve Jobs: The Man and the Machine
          The 11 Most Mediocre

Tomorrow Land
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Agent 47 (this 1 sucks)
Jupiter Ascending

           Top 60 from 2014

You can also see my list of movies seen in 2016 in the left-hand-sidebar of this page. Just scroll down.
The movies are listed from favorite to least favorite, but don't confuse what I select as my favorite movie with what I think is the 'Best' movie.

If they ever establish an Oscar for “Best Short Performance EVER” my winner would be:

George Savalas (younger brother of Telly) in “Kelly’s Heroes” as First Sergeant Mulligan. He’s on camera in only two scenes. In one scene he says one word two times, end of scene, about 20 seconds. In the other scene he delivers 53 seconds of recognition, angst, fear, panic, logic, humility, desperation, understanding, determination, and scared defiance.

My lifetime achievement award in the “Best Short Performance EVER” category would go to Don Rickles, who is also in Kelly’s Heroes. It seems that when you look at stars in one field transitioning to another field comedians seems to be the more successful professions at crossing over to film. Don Rickles, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks and others seem able to transition to emotional displays so much better than singers, musicians, writers, athletes and politicians.   

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