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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The People’s Budget –

Next week, Paul Ryan and his fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives will introduce a budget that calls for $7 trillion in cuts to programs for low income individuals and seniors – including savage cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.
Thankfully, there’s a progressive alternative that strengthens our social safety net and creates 3.6 million new good-paying jobs while protecting Social Security.image
The People’s Budget – introduced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus – keeps Social Security’s trust fund separate from the general budget fund, just as the law requires, and protects it for current and future generations. It also endorses increasing Social Security’s modest benefits separate and apart from the budget.
Take a stand against cuts to our earned benefits and in favor of expansion! Show our progressive leaders in Congress that we have their backs by becoming a co-sponsor of The People’s Budget today.
This budget recognizes that our Social Security system is the solution to our growing retirement security crisis and makes clear that its funds are dedicated exclusively to funding those earned benefits.
Right now, the average Social Security benefit for current recipients is just $14,000 a year. And two-thirds of retirees depend on Social Security benefits for the majority of their income.
We are not going to solve rising levels of income inequality or the retirement security crisis through cuts to critical programs. That is why we must stand united in our opposition to a Republican budget – balanced on the backs of hardworking Americans – and instead support The People’s Budget, which benefits the middle class and working families of this country.
Please, become a citizen co-sponsor of The People’s Budget today to protect the future of our earned benefits.
Republicans will use their budget as a blueprint for their election year policies and it is more important than ever that we stand united in our message of expansion.

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