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Monday, June 27, 2016

Game of Thrones: Women are coming

The Westoros catch phrase should be changed from “Winter is coming” to the “Women are coming”. Talk about female dominance, these women aren’t just surviving their kicking ass, taking names and leaving bodies:


Cersei Lannister:
Killed half of Kings Crossing, including her son and daughter-in-law and took the Iron Throne.

imageArya Stark:
Killed Walder Frey’s son, baked them into a pie and served them to Walder imagebefore killing him. ‘A girl just wants to go home’.

Sansa Stark:
Saved the day at the ‘Battle of Bastards’, fed her husband to his own dogs, and then said; ‘Sure Jon, you can be King of the North’.image

Lyanna Mormont:
Reminded a room full of old white guys that she was at the the ‘Battle of the Bastards’ while they chose to stay home, told them to get their sh—t together, embarrassing them into apologizing.


Brienne Tarth:
Is she the only knight left with any integrity? The big question is who makes the ‘booty’ call first; The Hound or Jaeme Lannister?



Now that this trio is hooked up look out. Everyone keeps overlooking them, but they just keep moving forward… and they got DRAGONS

imageTargaryen Daenerys:
Consumed in flames twice and leader of three armies, but people keep telling her its time to surrender… usually their last words.


Yara Greyjoy:
Surrounded by inept and unreliable men all she really wants is to pillage and plunder.


Looking pretty, loves a eunuch, she seems to always be stepping over dead bodies.


OK, these two top the list of: “Why weren’t they killed off instead of insert any name here .”   Boring and disruptive, but especially boring.image

imageOlenna Tyrell


Ellaria Sand

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