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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Montgomery/Williams Project: Introduction

A few months ago Jodi and others received correspondence from Frank "Bob" Montgomery, a first cousin of the children of James and Myrtle (Montgomery) Williams. Bob provided them with some loose papers depicting some research and history of the ancestors of James and Myrtle.

Having done research on the genealogical history of my Littrell family, I offered to look at the papers and see if I could organize them into a historical presentation. Having worked with the papers for the last few weeks I have used my software to organize the material and believe that I should be able to put together a nice family history and picture book for the descendants of James & Myrtle (that's you).

I am too tied up in my websites and Facebook group page and boxes of unprocessed records for my Littrell family to undertake any new research, so I will be reliant on the information provided by Bob and his contributors for the historical parts of the book and upon you for information on your families.

I hope to have the book completed and available by next years Independence Weekend Picnic. If I don't have the book completed in time it will be because of a lack of cooperation and information from the descendants of James & Myrtle. If you, your siblings and cousins provide the information in time I will complete the book in time.

If the book is completed in time and you have not provided the information then it will be to late. The book will finished before, and will be available at the picnic. Copies will be available for those who contributed information. I have published several books over the last few years and they are very nice publications: bound, in color, with quality photographs when they are made available. I believe I can provide these book for free, definitely at no more than cost.

Glenn D. Littrell

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