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Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Montgomery/Williams Project: Who’s Who?

This last week I have posted maps and information about the migration of 4 Kentucky families to Indianapolis, Indiana. These four families are the ancestors of James Francis 'Todd' Williams and his wife Myrtle Ethel Geneive Montgomery.

In the case of James we refer to the Williams family (his father's) and the Pope family (his mother's (grandparents)). In the case of Myrtle we refer to the Montgomery family (her father's) and the Brown family (her mother's)

On this group page to keep from losing track of who is who try to use the following guidelines (if you can):

  • Myrtle and James: we will always refer to them as Myrtle, James, Mom, Dad, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Williams, the Williams family.

Their (Myrtle and James) ancestors and contemporaries:

  • Their siblings will be referred to as: grand-uncles, grand-aunts.
  • Their parents, aunts and uncles will always be referred to as: grandpa, grandma, grand-uncle _______ or grand-aunt ______, the term 'great' will precede any parents of these kinfolk.

Their descendants:

  • Their children will be referred to as: the siblings, aunt ______, uncle ______.
  • Their grandchildren: grand-kid/child, First Cousins, the term 'great' will precede any children of the grand-kids (and so forth) of the grand-kids, as will 2nd cousin, 3 cousin, etc. Except in some circumstances the reference to generation, as in 'once removed' will not be used.

In this group page when these titles are used think of them as in relationship to James and Myrtle, not to you. Therefore if James is your grandfather then you can refer to him as Dad, Mr. Williams, or James, and his father as grandfather. Always think of James as dad, then you won't have to learn the pattern. You will just know.

This helps keep things from being confusing when you are talking about James to a niece or aunt. Your aunt might say brother, her daughter might say uncle, and your saying dad. It can get confusing.

Who are the siblings:

The children of James and Myrtle; Jimmy, Roy, Sherri, etc.

Who are the ‘First Cousins’?

The grandchildren of James and Myrtle; Tonya, Mark, Kelly, Johhny, Devon, etc.

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