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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stop saying “Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid”

by Glenn Littrell

A particularly disturbing video was posted on my Facebook wall with no context or explanation, other than a statement to the effect that this was something Obama wanted for America.

What follows is the conversation that resulted.

None of the remarks were edited or removed. Surnames and links have been removed.

  • K:  I try to remain silent on stuff like this but please explain how "this is what Obama wants for the USA". Perhaps provide some supporting documentation .
  • B:  @K, maybe bowing to them at every opportunity? How about refusing to even admit Islamic Radicals exist? How about when he has publicly admitted he is 'one of them'? How about his written statement that says “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”? How about the excessive financial support to Islamic nations that hate us? How about refusing to support France over radical Muslims? How about his statement that said Islam was a major factor in the creation of the US? How about his support of Sharia Law? The same law that allows young 10 yr old girls to undergo genital mutilation with rusty pocket knives or the execution of a 15 yr old girl raped by 4 men? How long do you want this list to continue?
  • K:  You can stop there and send links or whatever to all the supporting documentation for your list . That would maybe help but I've heard all this malarkey before and likely won't be swayed so we can probably just stop here.
  • M: Turn off the Fox News
  • B:  Kevin, if you've never seen any of this then it's simply a matter of being uninformed. That's okay. If you have seen proof of any and still deny, then it's a matter of blind ignorance. Would you like actual links? If not, your head is not buried in the sand but in Obama's butt. Hate to be crude, but simply the truth. If you have any intellectual integrity whatsoever, you would take 10 minutes out of your evening and Google my claims. You will easily find videos, quotes from Obama's books and speeches that can be easily verified. You'll actually find much more. Remember, it's perfectly okay to change your mind and opinion with new truthful information.
  • K: I don't have 10 minutes to spare to look into this nonsense and I'm perfectly comfortable that my intellectual integrity will remain intact. Sorry you elected to further embarrass yourself with your "truth" . Good night.
  • B:  Night Kevin. It's only nonsense as long as you don't check it out. Ignorance is indeed blissful. I prefer the quest for truth, regardless of where it leads me.
  • K: Good luck in your quest.
  • R: Good luck with head in sand...
  • S: Stop Drinking the Kool-aid
  • S:  He Wants Sharia Law, Because Down Deep He's A Muslim
  • K: With no semblance of any steps towards Sharia Law and less than 2 years to go , I'd say Brad's luck has been holding up pretty well and I'm sure he thanks you for your support Rob. But yeah that executive order establishing it could come at any time so let's all keep our fingers crossed. Steve, that Kool-Aid thing is a little tiresome.
  • B:  @K, Pres Obama is way more than a man. He's the free world leader promoting an ideology that is in direct contrast to what America's founders wanted for us. When he's gone there will be others to take up his mantle. It's a sworn path to European Socialism and an allegiance of support to Sharia.
  • C: You guys should stop listening to the racists at Fox News. And oh yeah don't believe everything you hear on the internet. If you believe this story I will sell you the Golden Gate Bridge and throw in the Empire State Building for free.
  • S: Ok stop Drinking The Gatorade. Chris I will take your Offer and I Need the Titles Before May Because I need to lower the Admission Price to Tour the Empire State Building. Thanks this is Best Present I have ever got From a Liberal, Oh and Chris how is that Hope And Change Working For You.
  • Sc:  Opinions are like assholes everybody has one. You guys don't have better things to talk about ? Hell smoke a fatty and have a cold one. Everybody have a great day. I'm still waiting for the Islamic Pinky and the brain to take over the world. By the way Brad imp not the biggest Obama fan but FUCK FRANCE.
  • N: wow all theses opinions based on hearsay and fox news reports. seems like bottom line is the various parties in this heated discussion all have room for fact checking .

GlennDL: I've tried to curtail my getting involved in discussion such as this, but as the conversation continues it keeps popping up on my wall at some point you have to weigh in.
Its interesting, and typical, that broad, generalized, and hateful, statements are made; implying with certainty that the President is this, that, or the other thing. This is usually followed with an assortment of 'nodding heads in approval' type of remarks, and then someone who is not in agreement weighs in with an equally broad, generalized, and hateful counter point.

Sometimes though, someone raises their counterpoint with a more thoughtful remark, or, as in this case, a simple question, where's your proof, how about some informative links?
Then its on.
Want links? You should know this, take ten minutes, the facts are everywhere, get your head out of the said, do a goggle search, etc., etc., etc..
This is followed by a torrent of talking points, many of which are irrelevant to the issue, equally vague, broad, generalized, and hateful. And prove nothing in support of the original claims.

Well, let me play the game too. I'll help you with the Google search. After all it was a simple question, "...please explain how "this is what Obama wants for the USA". Perhaps provide some supporting documentation ."
So for those who want to look up supporting information here are the GOOGLE search terms:

  • "Bush kissing Saudi King:" 180,000 links, kissing, bowing and holding hands. Surely Bush as a passionate desire to be one of the Kings many wives.
  • "bush taliban leader at white house" 6,970,000 links
  • "bush taliban leader" 18,700,000 links

From these searches you will find articles headlined:

  • "Remember when Reagan met with Taliban leaders in the White House?"
  • "Bush, Enron, UNOCAL and the Taliban."
  • "Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over".
  • "George Bush loved the Taliban in August 2001 because of the Afghan oil pipeline deal."

Then there are other presidents who betrayed their America:

  • How about Nixon bowing to Mao Zedong,
  • Eisenhower bowing to DeGaule,
    and the Mujahideen, Reagans freedom fighters in Afghanistan?
  • Try this GOOGLE search, "former Taliban spokesman going to school in America" . You get: "Taliban Spokesman Now Yale Student, Jihadi Turns Bulldog: The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, 2-28-6", that's 2006, on Bush's watch, with his state departments approval.

Now I'm not trying to make a point about Bush, Reagan or Eisenhower. But my GOOGLE search of 27,470,000 links on the subjects is quite impressive. These are my 'talking points' proving that they were traitors to America, right?
Nonsense. There just a bogus as B's "How about..." statements. Vague, malicious, misleading, and yes, dishonest.
Now of course if I had posted these statements, search term, and their links as proof then either those who disagreed would hush-up, or they would have started talking about "out of context", "some of those links disprove the other links", "some of the links are broken" or, what FOXNews web post are notorious for "many of those links connect you to advertisements or duplicate statements on the same website", and people quoting themselves as proof.
But Talking points are seldom about relevance, accuracy, or context.

What's really amazing is that if it is your goal to criticize the President, to highlight his mistakes, or how his politics offend you there are plenty of factual, rationale information to do so, but if your intent is to spread hate, mistrust and malice then by all means engage in mis-statements, innuendo, conspiracy theories, stereotypes. Present opinions as facts, dissent as un-American, sympathy and empathy as un-Christian.

This president has been scrutinized more than any president, since..., well at least Bill Clinton, who was scrutinized to the point of investigating his own secret service and bodyguards. There's a cottage industry of "fact checking" services that have sprung up, built mainly around Obama, analyzing and dissecting every syllable and word he utters. Fact Checking? Interesting concept. How about using some of them.

You know the American people have the Constitutional Right to be wrong ...that doesn't make them un-American, Socialist, or un-Christian. Your version of the truth can never be the truth, it is opinion.

"Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. We have all been called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans -- We are all Federalist..." Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801

PS. That video, with no context, explanation, or even criticism is horrific, but please stop posting that crap. It a recruitment tool for sick minds. Reasonable people understand the horror of what is going on. Shocking people into your point of view is callous.

By the way of 592 promises made 260(48%) are rated at least mostly true, 143(27%) are rated at least mostly false, and 149(27%) half true. You can't even find ratings for previous presidents, because reasonable people seldom gave any weight to campaign promises, but the obsession with divisive politics makes every piece of minutia relevant.

I would cite the numbers for Boehner and McConnell but the sampling size is to small. I’ll leave it to you to check that fact. See, now that’s not being afraid of the truth.


S: If I can see it, it's true And if Mark Levin Says it's True it is. That video of the Beheading was in Saudi Arabia they have Sheri law his wife had killed his Daughter so he killed her look it up.  PS if you can't handle it befriend me PLEASE

Glenn Littrell I'll leave that to your discretion.

NOTE: Every time a conservative troll starts a discussion with talking points and declaration of facts, they follow it with an observation about liberals not being able to face the facts, but as soon as their facts are questioned they can’t produce.

NOTE:In this whole conversation nobody called any of the conservative views racist, but they managed to play the race card anyway. The cult of victimization has become the mantra of FOXNews, and conservative republicans. They effectively stole it from the liberals of the 70’s.

NOTE: Isn’t the last statement of S reflective of the drinking the kool-aid accusations?

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