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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump Saving Carrier Jobs In Indiana???

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updated 12-5-16: The memes speak for themselves.

If this is true then great, but lets wait for the details.  He's accomplished one of the things he's promised. It's a feather in his cap, a pre-inaugural success, but you'll have to pardon me if this isn't enough to make me go ga-ga over his election.

In the midst of his chaotic transition from President-Elect to President it does not off-set all that is going wrong during this transition  Yes, I'm sure that what I see as going wrong does not jive with what his supporters see as going wrong, and that's why any temptation for claims of 'I told you so' would be premature and would fall on deaf ears at this time.

imageBut lets remember; President Obama won by and was re-elected by impressive popular and electoral votes. He was elected on two major promises: health care reform amid bringing our troops home. He accomplished both, both were significant accomplishments, but for near 8 years now he has been crucified for keeping those two promises.  The Carrier victory is small potatoes by comparison. For me keeping a promise doesn't offset how he is throwing his 'drain the swamp', prosecute Hillary, and 'uniting us' promises aside.

imageLet's also wait to see what the actual deal is. Remember he's tried to take credit for events before that had no real connection to him other than he had mentioned them once in the past. (Example: Ford's decision to retain two plants in America that were rumored to be Mexico.) As an Indiana resident I'll choose to wait and see what happens. Hoosiers have seen one-sided agreements (tax incentives and abatements, and infrastructure 'bribes') being reached for the gain of a few jobs before only to see those companies bail after a few years and ship their plants off to Mexico etc., anyway under Pence and his Republican predecessor. As a unionist I'll wait to see what the workers gave up to complete any deal and how many are actually retained.

imageMost importantly, I'll wait to see how significant was the role of others in this process. Trump operates in his own little world where he fails to see the contribution of others as long as he can claim credit for the results.

Yes, Carrier staying is a good thing for the workers and the communities, but the efforts to keep Carrier in Indiana have been going on since the original announcement to move. A bi-partisan effort involving local, state, federal and union participation at all levels. Efforts that began long before Trump agreed to lend his name to the result.

Yes, that last sentence was sarcasm.


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