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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Montgomery/Williams Project: Family History Book & Photo Album.

In addition to this group page the Project includes the publishing of a family history book, a photo album, a picture CD and possibly a video DVD.

The Book Project:

The book will consist of two parts: a family history section and a photo album section. The size and content of both parts will be dependent upon how much is contributed by family members, you, your siblings and your cousins. We’re not talking about money when we say contributions, we’re talking about information and items to go into the book.

The family history section:

Relying on information and research already collected is not going to be enough. Most of it is historical and will have to be verified and supplemented by additional research. In addition there is virtually no documentation on the descendants of James and Myrtle Montgomery Williams -- the focal point of the book.

Most of what we need from everyone for this section is:

Memories of family stories, saved letters your willing to share, copies of birth and death certificates, marriage license, military papers, newspaper clippings (birth, announcements, obituaries, news stories), etc.

The family history part of the book will be organized as follows:

  • Introduction & Historical background
  • Chapter 1: The families migration story
  • Chapter 2: The Pope Family
  • Chapter 3: The Montgomery Family
  • Chapter 4: The Brown Family
  • Chapter 5: The Williams Family
  • Chapter 6: Myrtle Montgomery and James Williams Descendants
  • The Photo Album

The photo album:

I have already scanned and indexed 515 photos from mine and Jodi’s collection. 371 have already been sorted out for possible inclusion in the photo album,* but like anyone's photo collection the emphasis is on their own family. In all only about 30 of these pictures will be useful in the photo album, and most of them will be of her family. We need photos from everyone, especially old photos of aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. (most of the older photos of siblings and ancestors of Myrtle and James will appear in the Family History Section)

The Photo album format will be:

  1. Mr. & Mrs. James Williams
  2. The children of James Williams (Siblings) 27 photos each = total 18 pages
  3. The grandchildren of James Williams (First Cousins) 18 photos each = total 34 pages
  4. The grandchildren of James Williams (Second Cousins) 9 photos each = total 12 pages
  5. Third Cousins with children (third cousins without children will be with their parents)

As you can see we are looking at about 64 pages of photos. It could be more are less depending on how many cousins there are (who knows right now?), how many photos are contributed, and how many photos will actually be usable.

As you can see both parts of the Book Project require participation of everyone for it to be a success. We will start requesting information from everyone soon, but you can start contributing to the project right now by sharing family pictures and information to this group page.

Three ways to contribute:

  1. Post information to this group page
  2. Email it to me:
  3. Postal mail it to me. I will return everything by mail. Glenn Littrell, PO Box 20794, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220-0794

THE COST: It cost between 30 to 50+ dollars to have a 200 page book printed.

  • If we are unsuccessful in collecting enough information to produce a book then I will provide copies of the book free of charge to those contributing to the book. This is the risk I assume in undertaking this project. These free copies will only be provided to those contributing to the project.
  • If we are successful in collecting enough information copies will be made available at cost.
  • The CD: The CD will contain as many of the pictures collected that the CD will hold. It will be included free with each copy of the book in the initial distribution.

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